The Loire River, with its 42 castles and caves of troglodytes, stretched almost half of France. Extensive vineyards stretch along both sides of it. The famous Loire “wine road” stretches for almost 800 (!) Km – this is a Klondike not only for connoisseurs of the divine drink, but also for lovers of attractions. In this region, like nowhere else, you can combine tastings of excellent French wines and tours of the castles. In total, about 70 AOC appeals are allocated here, which belong to 14 departments. They produce about 400 bottles of wine per year.

The most titled wine of the Loire Valley is the white “sancerre”. This is the world standard for Sauvignon Blanc. True, the “Sancerre” wine is both red and pink, but then the “Burgundy” pinot noir is used for production.

Another Loire appellation – Muscadet, famous for its wines from the Melon de Bourgogne. But no matter what local wine you choose, the word Loire (Rosé de Loire, Cremant de Loire, etc.) should appear on the label after the name AOC.